Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl (PSI) has been incorporated along the 2006 with the convincement that the deep changes in Italy on the aerospace sector need a modification also of the industrial structure.
In particular in front of the practical total concentration for the Aerospace companies in Finmeccanica and the practical foreign ownership of the major space companies, it is mandatory to recreate an effective growth of the indigenous companies based on the SME presence.
With this in mind a group of manager with deep experience in the Aerospace Sector incorporated PSI with the mandate to operate in the following areas:

- Aerospace
- Defence
- Homeland Security
- Energy, in particular nuclear

The industrial base turnover is about 18 MEuro, without considering the strategic and consolidate relationship with ALTA Spa and Hydro2Power.
The actual configuration also permits to enlarge this structure to other companies complementary to the actual industrial structure.

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